Deco-Sign is a proud manufacturer for many USA Lotteries. We provide lotteries across the country with the highest quality products including conventional metal tacker signs, pole signs, refrigerator magnets, curb signs, or jackpot value flip number charts. Many of our lottery clients request our curb stand signs due to their impressive stability. Our most popular curb sign unit includes a sturdy 4-piece base, with a 24″ x 36″ sign printed two sides. This sign is one of the toughest to come off the line.

Although many signs are hung indoors, we prepare for the worst. All signs purchased from Deco are designed to include outdoor use. Our signs are designed with patented materials to resist Mother Nature’s winds and the sun’s scorching rays. With Deco-Signs UV inks, outdoor products are guaranteed fade resistant for 3 – 5 years. Our curb stand signs are made from 040 full-hard aircraft alloy aluminum to withstand bending.

Curb stand signs are available in two options, as a 4-piece base assemble-in-the-field version, or a fully assembled unit that is ready for display right out of the box. Many lotteries use Deco’s write-on/wipe-off chalkboard finish for ease in changing the daily numbers and winners.

Made in the USA for numerous lotteries!

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