The craft beer industry has become Deco’s fastest growing group of customers. Beginning in 2015, both the production and the sales of craft beers increased by 13% and continues to grow. While very similar to the beverage industry, the Craft Brewer typically orders on a smaller scale. Deco-Sign experience and efficiencies allow us to service the smaller orders with quality and affordable pricing to fit the needs of the smaller breweries.

Whether you are in search of a tacker sign die cut to a custom shape with deep embossing, or bottle cap clock, we are here to help. Deco-Sign has a wide variety of options and capabilities that extend beyond metal work. Small firms looking to get their name and image out into the public often opt for additional bells and whistles. With the image of a Craft Beer logo or favorite brand as the favored graphic for a metal sign, thermometers, clocks, write-on/wipe-off or chalkboard finishes are available and can easily be incorporated into the graphics.

For new Craft Breweries, getting the public familiar with their products is critical. Once you have reached your market and have established a presence, remaining relevant and innovative is very difficult and requires a lot of attention to product promotion and brand identity. Metal tacker signs can be used in many locations, with the most popular ones at local liquor stores, bars or convenience stores. Tacked inside or outside of the building, as a curb sign by the door, these signs will bring your product to the consumers’ attention in a big way at the time of purchase. These popular signs, advertising favorite brands and fun logos also somehow find their way into many family club rooms and home bars.

A few of our customers
Boulevard Brewing • Great Lakes Brewing • Lion Brewing • Sweetwater Brewing • Starr Hill Brewing

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